Antologie is out in Germany and Austria and the relase tour is booked.  You’ll find all dates in the calendar on the right but here’s the confirmed dates.

23.02.2012 D-Düsseldorf Zakk web
24.02.2012 D-Bremen Glocke web
26.02.2012 D-Hannover Pavillon web
27.02.2012 D-Hamburg Fabrik web
28.02.2012 Berlin A-Trane web
15.03.2012 D-Karlsruhe Tollhaus web
16.03.2012 D-Stuttgart BIX web
17.03.2012 D-München Unterfahrt web
18.03.2012 D-Freiburg Jazzhaus web
19.03.2012 D-Heidelberg Karlstorbahnhof web
21.03.2012 D-Ingolstadt Bürgerhaus web
22.03.2012 D-Mainz Frankfurter Hof web
24.03.2012 A-Wien Porgy & Bess web

We’re touring in Norway at the end of April/beginning of May, and also doing a single show at Victoria in Oslo on March 3rd. The tour scedule on the right is updated for these concerts as well.

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