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Concert history
(2011 and past not updated):

August 10th Hemnesjazz Hemnesberget, Norway
July 29th Borggården, Olavsfestdagene Trondheim, Norway
July 26th Moland Kirke Fyresdal, Norway
July 25th MiG Tautra Tautra, Norway
July 24th Stiklestad Kirke Verdal, Norway
June 15th Stadtteater Landsberg, Germany
June 14th Magdeburg Magdeburg, Germany
May 14th Akershus festning Oslo, Norway
March 8th Orkdal kultursenter Orkanger, Norway
March 7th Kalkmølla kulturstasjon Bærum, Norway
February 11th Storsalen Oslo, Norway
February 6th Bærum bibliotek Bærum, Norway
December 21st Kulturkirken Jakob Oslo, Norway
December 20th Kulturkirken Jakob Oslo, Norway
December 18th Ishavskatedralen Tromsø, Norway
December 16th Korskirken Bergen, Norway
December 13th Frimurerlogen Trondheim, Norway
December 10th Kristiansand domkirke Kristiansand, Norway
December 9th Akershus fylkessykehus Lørenskog, Norway
December 8th St. Petri kirke Stavanger, Norway
November 2nd Stavanger konserthus Stavanger, Norway
November 1st Kristiansand domkirke Kristiansand, Norway
October 31st Bølgen Larvik, Norway
October 17th Marmorhallen Oslo, Norway
September 9th Biri kirke Biri, Norway
September 7th Stallen Horten, Norway
September 2nd Ørsta kulturhus Ørsta, Norway
September 1st Plassen/Bjørnsonfestivalen Molde, Norway
August 25th Periferifestivalen Glesvær, Norway
August 16th Oslo jazzfestival Oslo, Norway
July 7th Festival International de Jazz de Montréal Montréal, Canada
July 4th Kongsberg jazzfestival Kongsberg, Norway
July 1st Vestfoldfestspillene Tønsberg, Norway
Jun 29th Galleri Skåtøy Skåtøy, Norway
June 1st Kråkeslottfestivalen Senja, Norway
May 6th Kabuso Øystese, Norway
May 4th Bryne Mølle Bryne, Norway
April 28th Orkdal kulturscene Orkanger, Norway
April 27th Parken kulturhus Ålesund, Norway
April 21st Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Bremen, Germany
March 24th Porgy and Bess Vienna, Austria
March 21st Burgerhaus Ingolstadt, Germany
March 18th Jazzhaus Freiburg, Germany
March 17th Unterfahrt Munich, Germany
March 16th BIX Stuttgart, Germany
March 15th Trollhaus Karlsruhe, Germany
March 3rd Nasjonal jazzscene Oslo, Norway
February 28th A-Trane Berlin, Germany
February 27th Fabrik Hamburg, Germany
February 26th Pavilion Hannover, Germany
February 24th Die Glocke Bremen, Germany
February 23th Zakk Düsseldorf, Germany
December 19th Kulturkirken Jakob Oslo, Norway
December 18th Kulturkirken Jakob Oslo, Norway
November 13th Sentrum Scene Oslo, Norway
November 12th Stavanger konserthus Stavanger, Norway
November 11th Kulturhuset I Tromsø Tromsø, Norway
November 9th Bodø kulturhus Bodø, Norway
November 8th Vår Frue Kirke Trondheim, Norway
October 30th Logen teater Bergen, Norway
October 28th Ibsenhuset Skien, Norway
October 27th Bølgen Larvik, Norway
October 26th Drammens teater Drammen, Norway
October 22nd Kristiansand domkirke Kristiansand, Norway
October 16th Kongsberg domkirke Kongsberg, Norway
October 15th Lillehammer kirke/Dølajazz Lillehammer, Norway

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